Wall, Ball, Summer and Fall

Cast Breakdown

9; 7m, 2f


When Brooklyn teen Jeremy Stevens discovers his dad has lost his job, he runs away as far as he can think to go...to Coney Island. There he meets the sorcerer of handball, Moses Dirko, who takes him under his wing and shows him the wonder, the legend and the legacy of Coney Island handball.

Is this man the hero Jeremy has been looking for? Or is there something darker lurking underneath boardwalk, a price to pay for the dream that is handball?


Production History

Workshop production in March of 2013 at Hunter College, directed by Alex Correia

Reading at Hunter College, April 2012 at Hunter College, directed by Alex Correia

Semi-Finalist for the Seven-Devil's Playwrights Conference 2012


Interview with DNA Info, March 2013

Q & A with Sheepshead Bites, May 2012