That True PHoenix

Cast Breakdown

6; 2m, 1f, 3 m/f


A Jew. A Catholic Priest. Mozart's opera librettist, befriended by Emperors.   A revolutionary self-made American. All of these identities are contained in the life of one man: Lorenzo Da Ponte.

The wild, romantic adventure he lived across the 18th and 19th century, spanning all classes of society, and all of Europe and America is now told afresh by the most delightful and reliable of narrators: Lorenzo Da Ponte.    

A rollicking hat-switching trans-Atlantic storytelling comedy about the identities life forces us to build for ourselves, and the limits of the American dream. 


Production HisTory

Developed by Team Awesome Robot, November 2015-April 2017

Produced by Team Awesome Robot at the Access Theatre in NYC, April-May 2017