Sharon Is My Name

Cast Breakdown

4; 3m, 1f


Adapted from The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare

Shakespeare! Ninja Turtles! Torah! Poop Jokes!

When she was 6 years old, Sharon Rosenberg’s father taught her The Merchant of Venice. Then he was gone. Now she’s 16 and out to prove to anyone who can listen that this play is beautiful.

Family Drama meets Bromace in this sophomoric adaptation that asks the questions: why do we return to the things that hurt us? What do we do when the people we look up to disappoint us? And who exactly is “Pants-Crapper Leibowitz”?


Production History

Sharon Is My Name was given a developmental workshop by Warner/Shaw Productions at the Irish Arts Center in March 2011

Sharon Is My Name was commissioned by the Northwoods Ramah Theatre Company in 2009, and was performed at Camp Ramah in June 2010