Plagued (a musical comedy Adventure)

Cast Breakdown

12; 2m, 2f, 8 chorus


Music by Nick Moore

Story by Daniel John Kelley & Nick Moore

In 14th century England, in the aftermath of the terrible plague that swept of across Europe, being a peasant is kind of the worst. That  is...until a young peasant girl named Sarah dares to dream of having one day that is marginally better than the one before it. Her tremendous, preposterous, impossible dream will shake the nation to its core and change the fate of England...until tomorrow. But perhaps that is more than enough...

Production History

Plagued was given a concert presentation at the Gallery Players, as part of their Overtures new musical series in February 2015, directed by Joshua William Gelb.

Plagued was given a concert presentation by Resonance Ensemble at the Kirk Theatre on Theatre Row in November 2009, directed by Peter James Cook.

Plagued was given a concert presentation by Dog Run Rep at The Seaport Theatre in June of 2009, directed by Daniel John Kelley.