A Piece Featured in an Evening of Fancy Folk At a Fancy Place.

I've been asked to write a piece for Caps Lock Theatre's third annual PUSSYFEST.

A striking name, no? 

The evening has writers writing two minute monologues for female actors about the human body. Or the robot body. Maybe alien bodies too.

This year it's happening at the Gym at Judson:

A striking space, no?

The evening will feature writing from such fancy folk as Jose Rivera, Mike Daisey,  Sheila Callaghan (who I don't know but think are awesome) and awesome folk that I DO know and think are awesome such as Johnna Adams, Mac Rogers, Kari Bentley-Quinn, J.Stephen Brantley and more! It's a really spectacular line-up, in fact. 

The actor I'll be writing for is named Yeauxlanda Kay- who I saw earlier this year in Kari-Bentley Quinn's play The Unlikely Ascent of Sybil Stevens, directed like a boss by Chris Diercksen. We had a great drink the other night telling tales of our lives, and she revealed to me her penchant for fantastical tales, fierce self-determination, her family's fascinating and troubling history, her ability to be a lawyer and claim victory with no legal background, the perils of altitude sickness and her passion for Harry Potter fan-fiction. 

Suitably, I'm going to write something wild and preposterous for her.

Here she is on Def Poetry Jam, a few years ago: