Monster Literature

Monster Literature is an action-packed episodic children's theater series that celebrates great works of literature that kids can read NOW. These 30 minutes adventures follow the continuing adventures of 12-year-old Benjy Bleeglehorn, and her dashing sidekick Bravo Kirkwood, as they attempt to stop the evil wizard Zorlan Morlan from sending his monster armies into great works of literature. With each new adventure, there are new friends to be made, new stories to fixed, and new lessons to be learned!

Music by Nick Moore


Cast Breakdown

7; 1f, 2m, 4 m/f


Production History

Monster Literature was produced by Mainspring Collective from December 2009 through September 2010 at the Brooklyn Lyceum,with additional performances at the Irondale Center as part of the Brooklyn Book Festival and the Children's Museum of Manhattan, directed by Dara Malina and Hilary Krishnan.



Featured in Time Out New York

Review of Robin Hood: Prince of...MONSTERS! On, February 2010

Review of The Emperor's New Monsters on, June 2010



Robin Hood: Prince of...MONSTERS!

There's something funny happening in Sherwood Forest. The evil wizard, Zorlan Morlan has used his magic to turn Robin Hood into a big old scaredy cat, and transform his band of Merry Men into a band of Merry...MONSTERS! It's up to 12 year old Benjy Bleeglehorn and her dashing sidekick, Bravo, to enter the story and turn Robin Hood back into his old self again- by teaching him what it means to be a hero.



The Secret Garden...OF MONSTERS!

When bratty orphan Mary Lennox is sent to live with her uncle at Misselthwaite Manor, she has no idea what MONSTROUS adventures lie in store for her! The Evil Sorcerer Zorlan Morlan is up to his old tricks again- this time entering  Frances Hodgson Burnett's classic novel "TheSecret Garden" and turning its heroine- Mary Lennox- into A MONSTER! Only 12-year-old Benjy Bleeglehorn, and her dashing sidekick Bravo, have the power to turn Monster Mary Lennox back into a little girl- by helping her make The Secret Garden come to life!


The Emperor's New...MONSTERS!

When the evil wizard Zorlan Morlan steals  Hans Christian Anderson's classic story “The Emperor's New Clothes”, it's up to Benjy Bleeglehorn and her dashing sidekick Bravo Kirkwood to save the day! But can Benjy do it alone? This time, Zorlan has trapped Bravo inside the story by appealing to his one weakness: his desire to be awesome. Now Bravo is the Emperor, surrounded by new monster "friends" who promise to make him an awesome battle armor that only awesome people can see. It's up to Benjy to show Bravo that there is no battle armor, that the monsters aren't his friends, and that's okay to be who you are, no matter what anyone says!